Advanced Comfort

Picture living in a brand new home with an open floor plan, high ceilings and the Florida sunshine flooding the rooms with natural light…AND the home is perfectly cooled to your degree of satisfaction. Sound like a fantasy? Not at Lake Ashton!

Our brand new green homes offer advanced comfort features which means your rooms are evenly cooled and heated within 3 degrees. We guarantee it!

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For many newly constructed homes, “comfort issues” are a problem. It can be a real frustration for homeowners and a challenge to fix after the fact.

Lake Ashton Florida Retirement Community

Using advanced techniques of building science, the Environments For Living® program found only at Lake Ashton helps enhance the comfort of your new home.

Air flow is managed to help achieve even temperatures throughout.

Pressure balancing (which may require additional returns) is managed with transfer grilles and/or jump ducts in individual rooms helps assure consistent comfort room to room.

Air circulates more easily, even when interior doors are closed.

Your new home will come with the Environments For Living® program’s comfort guarantee, promising that the temperature at the location of the thermostat will not vary more than 3 degrees from the center of any conditioned room for that zone.

The Environments For Living program can help you meet the challenge of delivering an energy-efficient home with enhanced comfort. If you want to know more about our green home check out these additional benefits:

Please call us today at 866-525-3274 to find out more about our Environments for Living program or click here to request more information. We know you are going to LOVE living green and $aving green at Lake Ashton!