Advanced Durability

A home’s durability is an important feature for homebuyers, and a challenging one, as water and moisture are the biggest factors that adversely affect building materials. The Environments For Living® program here at Lake Ashton includes multiple moisture management features that enhance a home’s durability.

To manage air flows and moisture inside the home, and manage normal moisture flows inside wall assemblies, the Environments For Living® program’s requirements reduce the potential for excessive interior moisture. These requirements help manage moisture generated from daily activities like showering and cooking.

Program requirements include pressure balancing, fresh air ventilation and right-sized HVAC equipment that work in systems-with-systems concert to address humidity – traditionally a problem in Florida homes – and the potential for interior moisture problems.

Lake Ashton Florida Retirement Community

Lake Ashton’s new energy efficient windows and insulation reduce the potential for moisture build-up.  Every possible area is targeted, down to the paint – 21st-century, high-tech, insulating paints improve utility bills, and actually increase the durability of regular house paint.

You want a home that lasts through the years. You want a home that offers the best and most up-to-date products that will achieve that desire. You want a home at Lake Ashton, with its existing line-up of awarding-winning floor plans designed with Environments For Living®.

If you want to know more about our green home check out these additional benefits:

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