Seniors Having LunchRegardless of the reasons, working after retirement is a popular choice for many and the number of work-at-home opportunities are increasing. Some jobs you many want to consider:
• Customer service representative. A growing number of major companies are staffing their customer service and support departments with at-home workers. You’ll need an up-to-date computer, high-speed internet connection, dedicated landline, headset, and a quiet place to work. Full-time, part-time and split shifts are available. Schedules often include nights and weekends.
• Online juror. These are not real trials, they are mock juries designed to give attorneys and other consultants feedback on their cases. You’ll review information on a secure website and submit your verdict.
• Virtual assistant. If you are an experienced office assistant, you can provide similar services from your home for small business owners and even executive-level professionals who prefer to outsource various administrative tasks.
• Online tutor. If you have teaching experience or specific subject expertise, you can work as an online tutor for students at any grade level. You can sign up with an online tutoring firm that will match you with students and provide the secure online classroom. Or you can work on your own, finding your own students and working with them using online chat sessions, file exchanges and even telephone conversations.
• Writer or editor. There are an abundance of opportunities for skilled writers and editors to work on a freelance basis from home. You can set your own schedule based on deadlines.
Caution: While work-at-home opportunities have increased, so have the scams. If you’re interested in working after retirement, remember that jobs offering large amounts of money for little work and firms that charge a fee for more information are probably scams. Also be wary of any “job” that asks you to process funds through your personal bank account; no legitimate business needs to use your account.