Florida Retirement CommunitiesRetirement in general is a major life transition and choosing where you’re going to live after you retire is one of the most important choices you’ll make as you prepare for the process. If you’re considering retirement communities in Florida, these tips will help you get the most out of your tours:

• Make a list of all the things your ideal community will offer. Don’t hold back – write down everything that comes to mind. Consider location, amenities, activities, services, programs and so on.

• Organize and prioritize your list. Rank the things you absolutely must have, the things you’d like to have, and the things that would be nice to have but not a big deal. You might also add to this list a section for things you absolutely won’t accept.

• Research your options. Once you have a clear description of what you want, make a list of retirement communities in Florida that meet your requirements. This is the time to align your dream sheet with your budget. You might also get your family and friends involved in this research.

• Choose the places you want to visit. Three to five communities will likely give you sufficient variety but keep the process manageable.

• Schedule your tours. Allow enough time so you can really get a feel for the community without feeling rushed or getting too tired.

• Take notes. In addition to writing down the facts (costs, housing details, amenities, etc.), make notes of your general impression of the community and the people. You’ll have a lot of information to absorb and consider; write it down so you don’t forget or confuse one community with another.

Finally, don’t be afraid to call back after the tour if you have any additional questions or want more information.