Couple in garden.

A home in a Florida retirement community like Lake Ashton includes beautiful grounds. For some retirees, this is a great chance to focus on their gardening. For others, a ground-planted garden is more work than they want. Fortunately, there’s a great middle ground for those who love beautiful greenery. Container gardening, which has become highly popular in recent years, is a great way to mix a variety of plants and flowers in large, decorative containers, and it’s easier on the knees than usual gardening!

Container gardening is perfect for porches and patios. The mixed plantings in large, decorative planters create an attractive focal point. Plus, by raising the flowers up to a higher level, they’re easier to see and appreciate. The pots can be placed on the ground, on tables, shelves, and even hung from the ceiling, allowing you to have greenery on any level you choose.

Container gardening isn’t necessarily lots of plants in small pots. The idea is to think big! Choose extra large pots that are attractive pieces in their own right. They can be embossed with decorative features or be an eye-catching shape or color. In fact, if you want to create a color theme, choose pots in colors that will complement the flowers you’ll be planting.

One of the benefits of large containers is that you can plant a mix of grasses and flowers. Place taller plants in the back of the pot, then put medium sized plants in the middle, and then finish with small or trailing plants for the front edge. One of the reasons to choose tall grasses and trailing plants is that they move with the breeze, adding more visual interest.

Groupings of containers are also a great way to put that finishing touch on your home in a Florida retirement community. When you go with groupings, make sure there’s some unifying element, whether it’s the pot size, shape, color, or the plants themselves. A simple, but visually impressive grouping is a row of the same pot with alternating colors of flowers, be they the same plant in different colors or different plants in different colors. An odd number of pots is usually best for any grouping.

Container gardening is so popular, because you can easily change out plants as they lose their luster. You can also change them up to create different color themes to signify changing seasons or even special holidays or events. To offset the costs of changing some of the plants more frequently, don’t forget to include some long-lasting, hardy plants that will look good throughout the year. Succulents, palms, bamboo, and other tropical-type plants do well in the Florida climate and make a big visual impact all on their own.

The best thing about container gardening is that you can start with just a few pots and then let your garden grow as you gain a new passion for this enchanting hobby.