Florida Retirement Guide| Tips for Taking a Road Trip with Your GrandkidsRetirement means being able to spend more time doing things like going on trips with your grandchildren, and Florida offers an abundance of opportunities for road trips that can take just a day or up to several weeks. These tips will help make a road trip with your grandkids more fun and memorable:

• Make planning a group effort. When your grandchildren are involved in choosing the destination and planning the activities, they’ll be more enthusiastic about where they go and what they see.

• Choose a meaningful destination. Don’t go someplace just because you can get a good deal on a hotel room. Meaningful destinations might include places your grandkids have read about in books; locations that were significant to you or your adult children in your younger years that the grandkids have heard you talk about; and places that they’re studying in school. You may need to set some parameters, such as explaining that your destination must be within a certain distance of your Florida retirement home in Lake Ashton, but let the kids feel like they have a say in where you go.

• Prepare for time in the car. If your destination is going to include hours in the car, make sure you and the youngsters are comfortable and have plenty of car-appropriate activities and snacks. If possible, plan to travel early in the morning while the kids are still sleeping. Learn some word games you can play with them as you drive.

• Bring a paper map. Yes, the grandkids might make fun of you – but you’ll have the last laugh when you need directions at the same time your phone or GPS device gives you the dreaded “no service” message.

• Be flexible. Allow plenty of time for bathroom breaks and unexpected stops to check out things that catch your interest. Focus less on the schedule and more on having a fun adventure with your grand kids.