Active Adult Community | Stay Active Working Our In Our World Class Gym At Lake AshtonForgot where you put your keys? Can’t think of the name of someone you know well? These types of memory lapses are normal for people of all ages. Even so, there’s plenty you can do even after you move to Lake Ashton to keep your memory sharp. We did some research and came up with these tips:

• Stay physically and mentally active. Take advantage of the abundance of recreational and educational opportunities offered by Florida retirement communities. Give your brain and your body regular workouts.

• Maintain an active social life. One of the appeals of Florida retirement communities is that they offer multiple social networks to keep you emotionally and mentally stimulated, which also keeps your memory sharp.

• Don’t skip on carbs. Be sure your diet includes a healthy balance of complex carbohydrates to keep your brain cells in peak form. And remember that spices that are high in antioxidants will not only make your food delicious, they’re thought to help build brainpower.

• Enjoy alcohol in moderation. While heavy drinking can lead to memory loss, moderate alcohol consumption (7 or fewer drinks per week) may lower your risk for memory problems more than not consuming alcohol at all.

• Meditate. Chronic stress can lead to impaired memory because it floods your brain with cortisol. Daily meditation has been shown to reduce harmful stress hormones.

• Floss your teeth. It’s not just good for your dental health, it’s good for your overall health. Here’s why: When you don’t floss, your gums may become inflamed and that makes it easier for bad bacteria to enter your bloodstream and cause inflammation throughout your body, including your brain, possibly leading to cognitive dysfunction. Floss at least once and ideally twice a day.