Christmas Tree | Active Retirement CommunityHave you made the real or artificial Christmas tree decision and opted for an artificial tree? That’s a popular choice, especially among retirees in Florida. Here are some tips for buying an artificial Christmas tree:

• Decide how much you want to spend. Quality trees that will last for years aren’t cheap – but if you shop around, you can find some pretty good deals. Check out what you can get for the various price points, then set your own budget before you buy.

• How long do you want the tree to last? Do you want the same tree in the same space year after year, or do you like to change things up and have a different look every few years? This can affect your price point. Expect a quality tree to last at least 5-7 years.

• Determine the best size for your space. Where are you going to put the tree? If you’ve got your Florida retirement home furnished to perfection, you may not want to rearrange things to accommodate a large tree. Choose the exact spot and measure it so you know precisely what size tree will fit in the space. Part of your size calculation should include where the tree will be stored when it’s not on display.

• Choose the lights. Pre-lit Christmas trees are usually more expensive, but they’re easier to set up and you don’t have to deal with strings of lights.

• Consider the ease of set-up. Years ago, artificial trees had to be assembled one branch at a time. Today’s trees have branches that are already attached to the “trunk” (pole) and come in two or more sections that easily snap together.

• The overall look you like. Artificial trees come in a variety of colors and with a range of tips and branch styles. Look at the display model and choose the general look that suits you and the rest of your holiday decorating plan.