Florida RetirementAlmost everyone in every retirement community in FL has probably turned to websites like Web MD to research a few new aches and pains at least once. Yet when it comes to technology and health, there are a growing number of ways the average person can take advantage of the latest innovations. From apps to virtual counseling, keeping up with your healthcare is becoming that little bit easier.

Fitness devices, such as FitBit Flex and Nike+ FuelBand, are among the most popular of the high-tech gadgets designed to help us keep track of our health. These devices are the next generation in pedometers, counting our daily steps to make sure we’re getting enough exercise, but also keeping track of so much more. Heart rate, sleep, and caloric intake are just some of the metrics these devices monitor. They can be an excellent way to encourage yourself to be more active, but like the home treadmill or exercise bike, make sure that you keep using it and don’t let it get stuffed to the back of a drawer.

Smartphone users may not realize that there are an ever growing number of apps available to help track and manage various health issues. They can be used to set up reminders to take medication, record blood sugar or blood pressure levels, and collect information on various symptoms. In some cases, apps that track migraines or manage chronic pain have helped to ease some of the symptoms. However, apps are only as good as their makers. If you’re interested in any, it is recommended to have your doctor look them over before you begin relying too heavily on them.

If you are undergoing rounds of treatment or dealing with multiple conditions, electronic medical portals like Patient Fusion and MyChart can help you better track your care. Logging into your provider’s portal allows you to see lab and test results, collect medical records, manage appointments, refill prescriptions, and communicate with your physicians. These electronic medial portals help to centralize communication. Keep in mind that it is important to always discuss any results with your doctor to avoid unnecessary anxiety and confusion.

These are just a few of the ways that modern technology can help people better manage their health. Hopefully, they can help you stay healthy so you can truly enjoy life in your retirement community in FL.