Indoor Air Quality

You can breathe a bit easier at Lake Ashton!

Yes, we have beautiful year round sunshine.

Yes, we have sparkling lakes and stunning golf course greens.

Yes, we have lots of fun activities and great people to meet.

Lake Ashton Florida Retirement Community

But when we say you can breathe a bit easier here, it isn’t just because of our award winning lifestyle. You can literally breathe easier here at Lake Ashton’s because our new green homes have a comprehensive prescription for better indoor environmental quality – meaning healthier indoor air!

The Environments For Living® program creates homes that are not only more energy efficient, comfortable and durable than conventional code-built homes, but also addresses the health concerns of your indoor life.

Homeowners today expect a tight, pressure-balanced home to decrease unwanted drafts and poor quality air entering from undesirable areas, such as the ground or garage. While all homes have indoor pollutants and moisture resulting from normal use, we want to know you have the freshest, healthiest air for your family.

Lake Ashton’s new green homes have fresh air ventilation systems that deliver filtered fresh air that helps reduce dust, odors and indoor contaminants for improved indoor air quality.

Healthier air is also achieved through:

  • Carpet, carpet padding, and paint products used in Lake Ashton’s homes give off only low volatile organic compounds (VOC), reducing indoor pollutants.
  • Microwaves are vented to the outside, eliminating smoke and odors within the home.
  • Air conditioning has electronically monitored fresh air ventilation.

If you want to know more about our green home check out these additional benefits:

Please call us today at 866-525-3274 to find out more about our Environments for Living program or click here to request more information. We know you are going to LOVE living green and $aving green at Lake Ashton!