Florida Retirement Home FlowersEven in sunny Florida, there’s always a bit of a letdown in January after the holiday decorations come down and all the sparkle and glitter is packed up and stored away. But your retirement home can still be bright and cheerful through the winter. Here are some ideas for post-holiday decorating:

• Add houseplants to your décor. You may still have live poinsettias, holly or Christmas cactus. If so, simply remove the holiday ribbons and repot in a bright container. If not, add some lush green plants as well as plants that either flower or produce brightly colored leaves. A couple of large plants in each room will increase oxygen levels and elevate the mood of your Florida retirement home.

• Consider a winter white decorating theme. White fabrics and accessories accented with just a splash of color add warmth and cheer to rooms.

• Add fragrances. There are a variety of ways to add delightful aromas to a home, from scented candles to “cooking” cinnamon sticks to wrming essential oils.

• Repurpose some of your holiday decorations. Glittery items that are not holiday-specific can be used to brighten your home year-round.

• Rearrange the furniture. Change the focal point of your rooms for a fresh look. If you rearranged to accommodate your holiday decorations, don’t put things back the way they were – make it different.

• Splurge on a few new home accessories. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but add a few new items that you’ll enjoy. Consider colorful throw pillows, an interesting new lamp (even if your rooms are already well-lighted), or mirrors.