Spring CleaningLong before the days of electricity and air conditioning, when homes were heated with coal, oil and wood and lighted with candles and kerosene, spring cleaning was a time to open up the house and get rid of the soot and grime that accumulated over the winter. Of course, if you are enjoying owning a new home in Lake Ashton, you don’t need to do that type of grueling cleaning, but it’s a good idea to give your home a thorough cleaning at least once a year – and spring is as good a time to do it as any.

Take a corner-to-corner, top-to-bottom approach to this process. Set aside several days to do the complete job. Use this opportunity to get rid of things you aren’t using and don’t need in your new home in Lake Ashton, and to better organize the things you want to keep. Assemble your cleaning supplies and get started!

• Wash walls, doors, baseboards, door knobs and switch plates.

• Clean or replace area rugs and mats.

• Clean floors and shampoo carpets.

• Remove everything from closets. Clean the closet floor and walls if necessary. Sort and discard (toss or donate) things you don’t need; put everything else back neatly.

• Clean ceiling fan blades, dust light fixtures.

• Move and clean behind furniture and under beds.

• Spot clean and vacuum upholstered furniture, launder throw pillows.

• Wash air condition vent covers.

• Clean windows.

• Clean under the refrigerator and stove; vacuum refrigerator coils.

• Clean and organize refrigerator and freezer; discard outdated food and “mystery” items.

• Empty all kitchen cabinets and drawers, cleaning and replacing items neatly.

• Clean and organize pantry; toss food items past their expiration date.

• Wash and polish cabinet doors and surfaces.

When it’s all done, relax! You don’t have to do it again for a whole year.