Living Green

Each new Lake Ashton “Green” Islander Series home is Certified Green providing you with greater insulation, energy saving appliances, and water saving plumbing fixtures. Our Green Certified Homes feature floor coverings and paints that are rated to provide greater indoor air quality thus enabling you to live in a healthier environment.

It’s an important role for each of us to be better stewards of our planet and bodies. Lake Ashton’s “Environments for Living” program goes a long way at fulfilling this role without a premium price tag.

Lake Ashton is introducing its new “Environments For Living” program beginning with our Islander series homes constructed after January 1st, 2009. Our state of the art homes are designed to save earth’s resources, create better air quality, and save you money. Our program meets specific building standards, resulting in homes that are more comfortable, durable, healthy, safe, and energy- and water-efficient than conventionally built homes.