Did your New Year’s resolutions include a commitment to maintaining or improving your level of fitness? Or are you just looking for ways to incorporate a workout area into your retirement dream home in Florida? In any case, a fitness space that is convenient, attractive and efficient is far more likely to be of use and benefit than one that doesn’t match your exercise preferences. So what’s the best way to incorporate a fitness area in your new home?

First, we want to remind you that one of the major benefits of buying a home in the Florida retirement community of Lake Ashton is the abundance of amenities we provide, including a world-class health and fitness center with its variety of exercise and sports facilities, plus a personal trainer and nutritionist. But we also know that there will be times when you’d prefer to work out at home. When that’s the case, consider these tips:

• Choose a space appropriate for the type of exercise you prefer. If you can and want to dedicate an entire room to exercise equipment, great. If not, calculate the physical area you need to accommodate the equipment and activity of your choice. Also consider issues such as air conditioning (garage gyms in Florida may be too hot in the summer) and privacy (some people are not comfortable with exercising in front of anyone else).

• Prepare the area before installing equipment. Remember that certain exercise machines (such as treadmills, weights, stationary bicycles) can be heavy and can leave indentations on carpet or make marks on hardwood floors. Place extra carpet squares or foam boards under your equipment to protect the flooring.

• Keep yourself entertained. Most of us prefer some sort of entertainment while we’re exercising, whether it’s listening to music or audio books, watching television, reading or just looking at a beautiful view. Be sure your fitness area includes whatever you need to help you stick with your exercise