Fall in Florida is a great time of year to enjoy a variety of activities, indoors and outdoors. After all, the great weather is one of the many reasons people choose Florida retirement. You can stay active throughout the year and make the most of mild autumn and winter seasons. Whether you’re lucky enough to have your grandkids living nearby or they’re visiting you during the holidays, here are a selection of activities you can do together that are both fun and a great way to bond.

  1. Get baking! This is a great season for baked goods, so take this chance to share some of your favorite recipes with your grandkids. Pumpkin pie, biscuits, cookies and more are a way to pass along family recipes and stir up some wonderful memories.
  2. Florida and football are practically synonymous. Whether you snag tickets for one of the big-team games or simply enjoy a local college or high school game, it’s fun to cheer on a team together.
  3. Go hiking! Florida might not have a lot of mountains, but there are plenty of trails and parks where you can take in the beautiful scenery. If you’re a birdwatcher or botanist, you can point out different species and help your grandchildren learn more about the natural world.
  4. Volunteering can be done any time of the year, but during this season, with the approaching holidays, it’s a good way to teach children about helping those less fortunate and make them more thankful for what they have.
  5. Jigsaw puzzles – the bigger the better – are a fun way to spend a cold, rainy day. If your grandkids visit often, set up a special puzzle table so they can keep working on it during each visit.
  6. With Thanksgiving coming up, make a special centerpiece for the table. This is a great opportunity to get crafty, even if it’s just artfully arranging some colorful gourds in a cornucopia basket.
  7. Pine cones are plentiful in Florida this time of year, so gather some up on a nice walk, and decorate them with paint and glitter.
  8. On a clear night, head outdoors and look at the stars in the sky and point out some of the constellations.
  9. If you play a musical instrument, try teaching your grandchild how to play or encourage them to find an instrument they may be interested in learning.
  10. Draw a family tree. This is a great way to tell your grandchildren about their relatives and share some of your own family memories.

These are just a few of the many activities that you can share with your grandchildren. Make the most of your Florida retirement and take them to some of the theme parks, science centers, beaches, and historical points of interest that abound in Florida.