Healthy Senior In Lake AshtonFor most of us, retirement means some major lifestyle changes, especially if we’re moving from another part of the country to Florida. It’s a time of life when staying active and healthy is more important than ever. These tips will help make your Florida retirement years truly golden:

• Stay physically active. Join a formal fitness program or stay active in other ways such as by bowling, walking, jogging, fishing, gardening or participating in community projects that require physical activity. Do things that are fun!

• Watch your diet. Eat a variety of foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables (easy to find in a Florida retirement community) and whole grains. Increase your fiber intake and decrease your use of sugar, salt and sodium. Limit the total amount of fat and saturated fat you consume. Avoid fad diets that might deprive you of important nutrients. And avoid foods that might clash with any medications you take.

• Try new things. Make a list of all the new things you’ve wanted to learn or experience, prioritize them by practicality and possibility, then start doing them.

• If you smoke, quit. It’s never too late to benefit from quitting smoking or stopping other tobacco use.

• Know your numbers. Be aware of your blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, body mass index (BMI), and cholesterol. Keep those numbers in a healthy range.

• Relax. Negative stress can make you physically ill. Be sure you have a way to relax, perhaps with meditation, listening to music, massage, or whatever works best for you.

• Maintain a positive attitude. Positive people feel better, live longer and have more friends.