Florida Retirement Communities |GrandchildrenOne of the best benefits of Florida retirement is having your grandkids come to visit. Lake Ashton’s abundance of amenities and Central Florida location means you won’t lack for things to do. These tips will help make your grandkids’ visit a memory they and you will treasure.
Before the youngsters arrive, do age-appropriate child- and house-proofing. Eliminate or cover up any dangers to kids—things with sharp edges, fragile items, choking hazards. Cover or relocate furniture with delicate upholstery or wood surfaces that could be damaged by sticky fingers or food or beverage containers.
If you grandchildren are young enough to need car seats, coordinate with their parents to be sure you have the necessary equipment to transport them safely. Stock up on sunscreen and bug repellent.
Find out what they like for meals and snacks, and stock up on their favorites. It’s vacation time for them, so let them splurge—although you should coordinate with their parents to be sure you avoid foods they may be allergic to.
Don’t plan activities for every hour of the day. Your grandkids will enjoy quiet free time with you, just talking and perhaps looking through old photo albums. But let them know in advance what their options are. Tell them about the amenities at Lake Ashton that they’ll enjoy, as well as nearby options and the theme parks.
Finally, don’t totally disrupt your own schedule. If your Florida retirement routine includes time in the fitness center, swimming, walking, jogging or other forms of exercise, don’t give it up. If they’re old enough, invite the kids to join you. And also arrange for the kids to meet your friends—it’s a chance for you to show them off and for them to learn more about you.