Are you planning a big trip this year as part of your retirement? Or are you nearing retirement and want to save more money toward your dream Florida retirement community? Regardless of what your plans are, there’s a good chance that you’re looking to save some extra money this year. With a little attention and fewer indulgences, you’ll be surprised with the various ways you can help build your savings.

Start simple by having at least one no-spend day a week. That doesn’t mean you don’t eat and drink; you just make use of whatever you already have at home. Avoid purchasing coffee, meals out, or anything at all. You can choose to set aside any money you would have spent, or simply recognize that you’re saving money by being more conscious about impulse spending or unnecessary spending.

For example, it may be part of your morning routine to pick up a cup of coffee on your way to work. But think about how much that coffee costs, especially if you get enticed into purchasing a pastry or some other item to go with it. Making coffee at home is much more cost efficient. If you do feel the need to drink your coffee on the go, simply purchase a reusable travel mug. You can even use that during the day for fresh — free — water.

Convenience spending may make your life easier, but it results in significant costs. Instead of buying your lunch out every day, try to take a lunch from home. A bit of prep work on the weekend can result in satisfying lunches that save you money and maybe improve your health. Rather than hitting up the vending machines, purchase the same items in bulk for a lower cost and take them to work with you. Who knows, you could even end up making a bit of money selling some to your coworkers!

Look closely at what you are buying. Meal planning for the week with a specific grocery list may stop you from buying unnecessary food, especially if it is food that may go to waste. Every time you go grocery shopping, try to remove at least three items that you know you really don’t need, until you get used to shopping more consciously and frugally.

Beyond food, look carefully at how you spend your money. Think twice about if you really need something. Do you need cable tv and all the multiple streaming services? Do you need that latest phone or other gadget? Buy what you need, but don’t buy mindlessly and impulsively.

By consciously thinking about what you spend your money on, you’ll get a better sense of where money is being wasted or where cutbacks can be made. You should start to see more money left in your bank account at the end of the month if you’ve made an effort. Start putting that extra into savings. Soon that special trip or that dream Florida retirement community will be a reality.