Retired Senior Couple Sitting On Sofa Talking To Financial AdvisorThinking about where you’re going to retire? Florida retirement offers an abundance of lifestyle opportunities, but there’s a lot to consider before you make a final location choice, including: • Affordability and lifestyle. Can you afford the destinations you’re considering? You may have thoroughly enjoyed your vacation stay in a Swiss chalet or an Italian villa, but can you really afford to live there? And if you could, would you want to? There’s a difference between a relaxed retirement lifestyle and being on vacation (which typically means hotels, daily dining out, sightseeing, etc.). Be sure you choose a place with the day-to-day lifestyle you really want. • Are you planning to continue working? Many retirees are working well into their senior years, either because they enjoy the activity or need the income – or both. Be sure the destination you’re considering offers appropriate employment opportunities. Many people who are enjoying Florida retirement are working part- or full-time. • Healthcare services. Keep your current and future healthcare needs in mind, and be sure the services you are likely to require are accessible and affordable. • Recreation. How do you like to spend your time? What new activities are you planning to take up? Your ideal retirement spot will have all the recreational activities you’ve dreamed about – and some you haven’t! • What are your must-haves and not-acceptables? Make a list of the things you can’t live without and those that you refuse to live with. Maybe you want to be able to get on the golf course without getting in your car and you never want to shovel snow – in that case, a Florida retirement community will be perfect for you.